Waste Management

Scotwaste is a waste management company providing waste management services to businesses within Glasgow, Edinburgh, West Lothian and throughout Central Scotland.

Waste management is broadly defined as the collection, transport and disposal of waste materials.

Scotwaste, Waste Management skip providing services to companies in Glasgow, Edinburgh, West Lothian and throughout Central ScotlandIn the past most of the waste produced by industry, commerce or individual householders was collected and transported straight to landfill.  More recently alternative disposal methods have had to be found due to the spiraling costs of landfill and the environmental costs involved.

It makes economic sense for companies and individuals to look at ways where they can reduce their usage of certain materials and take better control of their waste management.

Re-use resources instead of following the throwaway culture that has developed recently. Finally, when a material reaches the end of its natural life or outlives its usefulness then ways to make sure that its component parts are recycled in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

SCOTWASTE offers a waste management service to all sizes of companies. We can come to your premises, carry out a waste audit and, working with you, can suggest ways in which we can help you find better and more economic solutions to your waste problem.

Waste management picking station. If you are looking for waste management companies in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Central Scotland, contact Scotwaste.In the future there will be no landfill option and all waste will pass through state of the art recycling centers to extract as much value as possible from the waste steam. Material which cannot be economically recycled will then pass through waste to energy plants meaning that our society will no longer need to dig holes in the ground to hide our failings. SCOTWASTE is at the forefront of looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact.  See how here.

Please contact us to find out how our waste management service can provide a solution for your business and ensure that your company is compliant with legislation.

Scotwaste: Waste management services for companies within West Lothian, Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland. Call now for a waste management audit.

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