Office Waste Recycling

Scotwaste provides a complete office waste recycling service to businesses in West Lothian and across Central Scotland from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

We are able to supply your office with Polyprop Recycling Bags which are sold in batches of 50. These can be filled with office paper, vending cups, plastic bottles, cans or tins, etc, (one recyclabe waste type per bag). Once you have 10+ bags ready for collection let us know and we will collect free of charge.

Office waste recycling services from Scotwaste in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland and across Central Scotland.

Office Waste Recycling Bins

We can also provide Office Recycling Bins (manufactured from cardboard), which can be placed at strategic locations throughout your properties to hold the polyprop bags whilst being filled.

Please contact us to find out how our office waste management services can help with your office waste recycling requirements.

Scotwaste: Office waste recycling services for businesses in West Lothian, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bathgate, Livingston and across Central Scotland.

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