Electrical Goods Disposal and Fluorescent Tube Weeecycled Service

  • flourescentsElectrical Goods Disposal and Weeecycled Services Benefits
  • Demonstrates your commitment to the environment.
  • Provides a safe, efficient and low cost method recycling
  • Supplies a Duty of Care Controlled Waste Transfer Note
  • Will help industry conform to the new directive

The Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) came into force on 13th February 2003. The directive was transposed into national law on 13th August 2004; this will be followed by a number of deadlines and targets.

The directive is aimed at improving our environment and helps us to divert our waste streams away from landfill. Many companies are being proactive ahead of implementation of the directive, putting the environment first and seeing it as the way forward for us all.

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In addition to the recycling services we already provide, we have devised a unique service concentrating on the recycling of low grade WEEE. This service can be used as a bring back recycling scheme or a service for compliance to the new directive. Examples of low grade items include: toasters, hair dryers, irons, telephones, drills, toys, calculators, radio sets, lamps, etc.

Contact us for further information on electrical, white goods and WEEE recycling. We can provide this service to businesses within West Lothian, Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Central Scotland.

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