Charities Supported by Scotwaste

Scotwaste is a leading supporter of local and international childrens’ charities We support River Kids a local West Lothian charity. Cash for Kids is a local charity supporting local children. All money raised stays within East Central Scotland, Edinburgh, The Lothians and Fife supporting children living in difficult circumstances. Cash for Kids is a grant giving charity allocating funds to local charitable and voluntary projects that work directly with disadvantaged children. In the last year Cash For Kids have helped to improve the lives of nearly 20,000 children. The Cookie Jar Foundation website gives those in need an outlet to apply for funding. Whether the funding is for yourself, a member of your family, a close friend or a community project we at The Cookie Jar will take all applications seriously and reply.

If you are a local charity and would like support from us then please write to us with your case and we will give it our consideration.

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